Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Water *YAWN* Jogging

So Sunday I ran a 5k and then I ran a Street Scramble, for a total of ten miles. I was sensible. I have a marathon in one week, so of course I took it nice and easy on the 5k and didn't sign up in the fastest group and didn't push myself the entire way hoping for a PR.


And in the Street Scramble, I walked rather than ran from spot to spot because I knew I had a marathon in a week. So it would be silly for me to run, wouldn't it? Of course it would.

And I certainly did NOT totally push it trying to get 30 more points before time was called, racing hell bent for leather to the last clue.


Okay...so I lied and right at the end my knee said, "Hey! You know what? You ran a marathon four weeks ago and you haven't exactly been taking it easy since then, Einstein. I'm sick of your abuse. I won't have it! I will NOT HAVE IT!"


So yesterday I did not run. Let me repeat. Yesterday I




For those who know me, that's generally the time people put their hand to my head and say "Are you feeling okay? Do you need an aspirin? Should I call 9-1-1?"

So instead I water jogged. Water jogging is FUN! You get to "run" in WATER for 25 yards!

Then, you turn around and you run back for 25 yards.

Then, you turn around, and you run BACK for 25 MORE yards!

Then, for shits and giggles, you run BACKWARDS for 25 yards.




Roy and I went to the Y last night to water jog. We can't deep water jog because the pool is only 4 feet at its deepest. When we got there some chunky little kid was playing in the only lap lane. Rule is, no kids under 14 in the lap lane, but the rules weren't meant for THIS kid and his snorkel and his doting mother, nor for the lifeguard who is supposed to enforce the rules. They were meant for regular folk like you, like me.

We sat on the bleachers for a bit fuming, "When is that kid going to get out? Don't these people know it's against the rule? Good lord if I have to see his crack ONE more time, I'm filing harrassment!"

Finally we said, "Let's just get in. What will they do?" It's not like we smacked the kid or called him names. We just got in and started walking. Momsie did not like that and every time we'd hit the end of the lane where she was we'd overhear her passive aggressive snarking.

Hey, don't pull passive aggressive with me, Sweets. I wrote the book on passive aggressiveness!

So we just ignored her, and walked around kid each time we passed him, and did our jog. We did an entire hour of this, which should earn us some sort of medal. Water jogging is worse than the treadmill...at least on the treadmill you can go nowhere fast! In the water you go nowhere slow and there's nothing worse than the slow road to nowhere.

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