Saturday, December 8, 2007

Explain, Please.

Would someone please explain to me why I see so many teenage girls wearing big ugly basketball shorts under their asses like some loser gangster wanna be? It's like "I think I'd like to look like an idiot, so I'll put on these shiny shorts that go down to my knees and look like the Church Lady's dress."

"Wait no. Not quite stupid looking enough. Let's see...what else could I do?"

"OH I KNOW! I'll pull the waistband down so that it's BELOW my ass! Oh yeah Baby! That looks HAWT!"

I don't get it.

Is it me?

Is it them?

OH! Okay! provides a clue:


jock + gangster

Usually seen running down the basketball court with their ass hanging out of their shorts.

Mike is a jockster.. Look at him with his backwards hat and low basketball shorts.

Sorry, but to me it looks like you have a load in your shorts and makes me want to say, in a "Mom" voice, "Honey, did you do a doodie?"

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