Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Running is Cheaper Than Therapy


I have a shirt that says just that, and I think I need to just have it tattooed somewhere on my person. Perhaps a nice tramp stamp surrounded by hearts and flowers.

Maybe not...

I've had an extremely high stress week. Now I do not generally handle stress well. Generally there are small atomic explosions, the dogs hide, the cats pack their little cat bags and are OUTTA here! My poor husband.

But none of that this week. Tears, yes. Explosions, no. Running, definitely. Monday after a particularly hard day at work where we had to make a heart-wrenching decision to remove a student I care very much about, my run saw me through. I dropped the car off with my husband, crammed my buds in my ears, and ran home...hard. (Hard for me is still slow...unfortunately.)

Again yesterday another hard day, plus some stuff at home (that isn't major, but is stress inducing) and another awesome hard run. The great thing was, the weather is unseasonably and ODDLY warm, and there was a helluva wind going on. So I ran hard into a headwind getting nowhere fast, but burning off that stress.

By the time I get home it's like "aaaaahhhhh."

I recently listened to a podcast related to the benefits of meditation on health. What I wonder is, for those of us for whom sitting quietly is a prison sentence, does running do the same thing? I know it does for me. I can be at DefCon 1 and a good run and suddenly it's sunshine and flowers again.

Today I'm not feeling quite as stressed...will my run feel half as good?

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