Friday, November 30, 2007


This blog is MUCH too boring, and I am not a boring person. In fact, I am a rather FUN person.

So in an effort to remove the boringessness of this blog, I shall post some random thoughts.

First of all, I am a teacher.

Second of all, I run.

Ergo runningteechur.

I am married to the best man in the world. He runs under duress or when being pursued by a large, heavily armed animal. He's run one marathon; Walt Disneyworld in 2006. He finished the marathon, held up his medal and said "Take a picture".

I pointed the camera at him and clicked. "I am officially announcing my retirement from marathon running."

I don't have that particular picture, but you can see him right to my right looking all cute.

I, on the other hand, said "Wow, really? I was thinking I'd like to run a marathon in every state!"

God bless him, my little Athletic Supporter, he said "You always say life is for the living, so if that's what you want to do..."

Little did he know what he was getting into. Since then there has been Portland, Eugene, Salt Lake City, New York, British Columbia, and San Diego.

2008 shall hold...Minnesota, Texas, and Illinois.

Oh I was serious. One would think that after over 22 years of marriage, the man would LEARN!

So...yeah, I run. I run a lot. I like to run. I run a lot because I used to be fat and I'm running from my fat. It keeps trying to catch me, but I have avoided it for almost five years.

In three weeks I will be undergoing surgery...nothing serious, but I won't be able to run for SIX WEEKS! What will I do? I am sure I'll die...

I must make a list of reasonable alternatives lest I go crazy. Maybe my first item on the list should be to make a list. I could make lists for six weeks while I can't run and my running shoes sob silently in the corner.

These are not my shoes, but if my shoes were a puppy, this is what they will look like in January.

Poor shoes.

I'm tearing up a little just thinking about it.

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